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Zen Chocolate is made from premium cocoa beans of Criollo and Trinitario, these varieties are grown in the Mekong River Delta in Vietnam.


Zen chocolates are produced by the method of Japanese Zen. A modern technology refining bitter substances in high concentrations Trinitario cocoa is theobromine, C7H8N4O a chemical formula is an organic protein that gives a balance effect to the mind and body. Combined with magnesium available in cocoa beans this is a great natural prescription for anti-depression and enhance your general well being.


What makes a difference?


The Fermentation, Roasting and Conching are three most important factors which determine more than 90% of the final chocolate taste. In fact, most of manufacturers these days have neglected the fermentation process – the preccedent stage for generating chocolate flavor – and put it all in the hands of farmers. At Zen chocolate, we make a difference with the ” vertical integration model” and master of the chocolate making process, from the cocoa pod to the final chocolate in accordance to CACAO – TRACE standard.


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