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       Our premium flavor and quality of cashew nuts come from Binh Phuoc province, the capital of Vietnam cashew nuts, located on the bowl shaped hills, gentle waves and vast forests are running from the northwest through to the southwest.
        With its equatorial climate, two distinct dry and rainy seasons, year-round temperature of 25.8 ° C stability 26.2 ° C, 7 major soil groups and 13 types of high-quality land, with 91 mines for minerals . Not surprisingly, Binh Phuoc is the birthplace of the delicious premium quality cashew nuts.
       Jardin D’amour, Feng Shui Collection, the Love Collection and the Summer Collection are our designs inspired by movement and lifestyle and the nostalgic Elegant Vintage Country Side of England and France. It’s convergent nature and aesthetic as well as its comfort will keep you at all times feeling like high class. Whether indoors or outdoors, whether you enjoy it on its own, or in conjunction with other foods. We simply ask you to enjoy L’ete.
       You can take away all the pleasure that L’ete offers to the football, soccer, tennis, baseball, fishing, hiking or even a cocktail party. Honey soaked cashews are suitable when you feel your stomach empty, only 3 to 5 seeds and your energy was restored. Wasabi cashews very appealing with a chilled beer and roasted unsalted cashews a can be in your sandwich or your salad. Please be creative and enjoy any of the new items that you like. Please contact us to share your experience any time.


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L’ete has a classic elegance that you will love!