Vietnam is one of the world’s largest producer of cashew nuts. However, the source raw products required to produce to meet annual consumption remains in deficits . We have to import raw cashew nuts from West African countries such as Ivory Coast, Nigeria. Of course, when there is trade between two countries, regions or companies, banks play a very important role. The Bank must be like the bridge, as well as the guarantee of comfortable liquidity and risk prevention.
Especially projects when governments want to barter or exchange specifically for Vietnam rice and raw cashews of West Africa.
Vietnam enterprises face many difficulties doing business in this region. There are many reasons, such as lack of information, political instability, regional economy is not growing, complex legal matters etc … So the support of banks in these issues is critical in helping businesses and countries can confidently and more actively pursue in their business processes in this region with the support of the banks.
Binh Dinh Son Co., Ltd. actively connected with regional banks as well as companies producing things in Africa, that want to have a steady source of raw product throughout the year with the best quality and value for local and international markets.