Our Fruit story and why we call it Opera Season ?

Born from the roof terrace of thousands of majestic mountain ranges of the world and sacred Tibetan Mekong River – the 2nd largest river of Asia curving arcs of water flowed through 6 China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.
Unlike flowing lines, intense and sinister delve sector in China, as it flows through the territory of Vietnam river divided into 9 separate themselves small branches, 9 water dragon wrapped gentle, comfortable embrace double embankment comfortable, river silt accretion of hundreds of years to make up the rich villages. It is the capital of Vietnam Fruit, if coming to this land you will find a rich green color, lush fruit year round, looming somewhere queer voice or gentle smile, kindness of the indigenous people, farmers substances quality, honest and hospitable.
Binh Dinh Son company invites you, to share this experience with you. And bearing ripe fruit flavors in the tropical sun, tropical breeze and the essence of the Mekong River alluvium.
Just like the joys and wonders of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, we are very pleased to share with you the passion and joy of our very own season: Opera Season.


For many centuries now we have enjoyed the musical passion of Antonio Vivaldi as he truly inspired the world with his music. We have the same kind of passion as did Vivaldi, to share with you, your friends and loved ones. Our beautiful and refreshing range of “ All Natural, Truly Tropical”  Dried Fruit, we call it Opera Season.