How to focus on the local market?

Last year, cashews VN had exports in more than 40 countries around the world, and was not focusing on the domestic market. Cashew VN decided to present new start to 90 million domestic consumers, but was it too late ? In 2014, cashew exports reached nearly 306,000 tons or $ 2 billion in sales, up 17.4% in volume and 21.9% in value compared to 2013. In particular, the US market is largest cashew imports, accounting for 40%, followed by China, the Netherlands and Australia.
However, according to VN Cashew Association (Vinacas) – cashew VN still mainly cater to exports, domestic consumption accounts for only about 5%. This is a fairly small numbers, and Vinacas will have to step up the promotions and advertising to raise the profile of cashews in the domestic market.
To do that, Binh Dinh Son Co., Ltd. will regularly provide information, promote and market widely the value of cashews in the mass media and through supermarket sales , traditional markets and festivals held to introduce cashew nuts. Vietnamese consumers are beginning to understand the real taste and value of their home grown cashew nuts!
Binh Dinh Son has launched some new products and released a special new brand known as “ L’ete”! L’ete is a new symbol of Vietnam cashew nuts all over the world. Binh Dinh Son Co., Ltd. Will make recommendations to the State and the Government for loval market policy support , long-term development strategies and conduct other forms of domestic consumption stimulus for cashew products.
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