About Us

         With a passion for creating the highest quality and greatest tasting snacks, Binh Dinh Son Co., Ltd presents to you our indulgent range of Freeze Dried Tropical Fruits, Organic Cashew Nuts, and other delightfully healthy treats.
Proudly produced and exported from Vietnam, our products combine the uniqueness of our pristine local resources, with a global desire for decadent tastes.   
Under the brands of L’ete and Opera Season, we offer products that match the demands of a busy, modern life. We present you wholesome yet enticing choices, which also fulfil the criterions for HACCP, Halal, Kosher, Cacao -Trace and Organic.
Our primary mission is to search the globe for unique flavours and ingredients, in hopes to bring a little taste of happiness and bliss into your everyday life. We hope you enjoy sharing our treats with those you love, as much as we enjoy creating them for you.
          After travelling for business or pleasure, and I come back home I always like to surprise my family, friends, colleagues and maybe that special someone with a gift! I enjoy to share with them to rejoice and celebrate a special moment!


There are too many gifts to choose from and to be honest, sometimes I don’t know what I should buy. Last month, I bought a nice dress to give my aunt. I hadn’t see her for 3 months, so I didn’t know she was wearing a larger dress size now. So she cannot fit in the dress I buy for her. Of course, it is a sensitive point. I feel guilty when she is not too happy with my gift for her! That makes me remember one time in the past, I gave an expensive wine to a friend on his birthday, but he cannot drink it because he does not enjoy to drink wine.
Now he feels weary to receive an expensive gift like that! I am sure other people have the same issue like me when it comes time to choose a gift for someone. I like to buy a gift that can fit with many situations and it doesn’t make someone feel shy or feel guilty to receive it. However it can show how much I care and how much I feel for them. I will be so happy to see the happy light in their eyes when they see my special gift for them. For me that is always a special moment, that is the time of sharing and caring. I’m sure you feel the same way too!


We deeply care and warmly love our family and friends and sometimes it is not always so easy to show it. Sometimes we aren’t brave to tell directly to our family, colleagues, friends or sometimes that special someone too! So, we at Binh Dinh Son Company are proud to present you with something that can help you to show your love and care a whole lot more! It may simply be the small things. It may be a small gift but we know our products will help you to share the love with many special people around the world and we know this special gift will warm their heart too!


Thank you so much!


Kind Regards
Ms. Victoria Bùi – Director
Binh Dinh Son Co., Ltd


P.S: Please choose from of our range of delightful gifts today and present them to your loved ones. Be brave and really show them how much you care!